XVC Startup Boost

June 14 - July 2, 2021
Hands-on Mentorship to fix holes in the business and provide customized consulting.
Pitch Coaching to help you build your strong elevator pitch and get you closer to your first corporate clients.
Access to New Markets through our valuable connections to match your pilot with corporate requests.
Expert Speakers from our pool of local and international industry leaders.
Your fastest and most efficient virtual accelerator

Over the space of 3 weeks, XVC Startup Boost in partnership with Amazon Web Services brings together prominent industry experts, startup founders, their potential corporate clients, VC funds and angels to:

  • closely work with selected early&revenue stage startups that offer enterprise solutions across all verticals,
  • help polish startup strategy and refine decks to perfection via our versatile program,
  • prepare&push founders for the next steps into international expansion through our connections,
  • offer the opportunity to pitch to XVC's Managing Partners and get introduced to other VC funds, angels, and your potential corporate clients/investors.
    Our mission
    to increase the volume of IT exports in Kazakhstan by providing local startups access to international markets

    to grant investors first-hand access to the profiles of rockstar startups
    to facilitate interaction and provide networking opportunities to the participants
    Who can apply?
    Startups that:
    - are IT companies offering enterprise solutions,
    - have a working prototype or MVP,
    - a settled team,
    - and an English-speaking team member,
    - want to successfully scale.
    Investors that:
    - are angel investors/VC funds that want to diversify their pipeline with some BOOSTED companies.
    Corporations that:
    - are seeking tailored solutions to their problems,
    - want to partner with/invest in BOOSTED startups that offer corporate solutions.
    Still not sure if you fit? E-mail us your questions via or send a message via Telegram to @xvc_cpm.
    We will clear it up for you. Don't hesitate to be curious!
    We especially encourage female founders to participate, as we've invited the experts who are committed to consulting women-lead startups and advising on venture capital investment from a gender perspective!
    The program is designed for lectures, feedback & mentor sessions, self-study & home-works, pitch training, and an actual Demo Day. Selected BOOSTED startups will have the opportunity to get introduced to their first corporate clients through our network.

    Your tutor will be in touch with you to check your progress and provide feedback. A group chat will be set up for the course participants.
    Week 1. Panel Discussions with the Experts and Individual Feedback Sessions from your Mentors
    Attend our engaging lectures and panel sessions with the industry leaders. Discuss your business strategy one-on-one with your mentors, who will provide you with valuable feedback tailored specifically to your company.
    Week 2. Home-work Revision and Pitch Coaching
    The second week will be more practical. We expect you to soak up fresh knowledge from the first week and reflect it in your home-work. Pitch training sessions will help you build your impeccable deck & speech and BOOST your startup to the next level.
    Week 3. Demo Day and Introductions to Corporate Clients
    You will pitch your BOOSTED business to the Managing Partners of XVC, AWS representatives, other VCs, angel investors and corporations. Selected startups will have the opportunity to get matched with their first corporate clients through our network.
    Event hosts
    Rula Raim
    XVC General Partner
    CEO of
    Leila Alimanova
    XVC Chief Project Manager
    Nikita Kharchenko
    Amazon Web Services Startup Business Development
    Guest panelists
    Aleksander Doroshenko
    IIDF, WoopPay
    Sasha Sternik
    Tumaris Tech
    Konstantin Aushev
    KPMG Central Asia
    Investors on Demo Day
    Asset Shatekov
    XVC General Partner
    Nurmukhamed Bektemissov
    XVC General Partner
    Rula Raim
    XVC General Partner
    Start. Meet your tutor and peers. Attend our lectures. Get your personalized mentor assessment.
    Self-study. Implement new knowledge and feedback. Refine your business model.
    Train to confidently and efficiently showcase your startup.
    Graduation. Pitch, scale, connect.
    BOOSTING process
    Post Program
    Demo Day with accelerators, potential corporate clients, angel investors and VC's
    We put our startups on a scalable revenue trajectory
    We prepare our teams for investment through business model refinement & connections
    Top teams will be introduced to global enterprise clients
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